Rules for Membership

Scottish Independent Celebrants’ Association

Applying for SICA Membership

The Scottish Independent Celebrants Association is a professional body of working celebrants. Those wishing to join need to demonstrate an acceptable professional standard in dealing with ceremonies, either by experience or by training and some experience.

There are 3 level of membership.

Associate Membership £45

Entry level
Gets SICA folder
Covered by group public liability policy
Covered by group professional indemnity policy

Full Membership £90
After successful Peer Review.
Gets SICA folder
Covered by group public liability policy.
Covered by group professional indemnity policy.
Access to SICA Dropbox.
Access to SICA Facebook Support Group.
Use of SICA logo.
Listed on SICA website with an individual page entry.

Working Friend of SICA FREE
This is for people who are part of SICA in some way, but are not currently working as celebrants.
This category is at the discretion of the committee.

Application Process

1. Applicants should send in a completed application form to the SICA Secretary at including contact details and documentary evidence of experience and training to date, which may include references and/or client feedback.

2. Once this is received, the SICA Committee will review the application and submitted evidence. If the committee approves the applicant for associate membership, the application will be passed to the next general meeting to be ratified and the applicant advised.
If the application is not approved then the applicant will be informed.

3. Once the application has been through the general meeting, then the applicant should pay the Associate Membership Fee. The applicant then becomes and Associate Member of SICA, and will be given their own folder, and comes under the SICA insurance policy.

4. The next step is to arrange a peer review, where a representative of SICA will come and see a service or ceremony conducted by the applicant, and review that with the applicant. If this is successful then the application is again passed to the SICA committee for approval, and on to the General Meeting.

If the review is not successful then the peer review can be conducted again at a later date. No more than 3 of these reviews will take place. If after the 3rd review the applicant has still not reached the required standard, then membership will be cancelled.

5. Once a successful peer review has been conducted the application been through the SICA committee and the General Meeting, the Associate Member then needs to top up payment up to the Full Membership level and they then become a Full Member of SICA with access to all benefits of membership.
6. New full members should contact the secretary again to submit details for their website entry, and to arrange access to the Dropbox and Facebook group.

Annual Renewal of Membership

Each year membership will be renewed subject to payment of the subscription fee and the submission of a successful peer review to the Committee.

Withdrawal of Membership

Membership to SICA will be withdrawn at the sole discretion of the Committee, acting reasonably, from any member or associate member bringing SICA into disrepute, or falling below the expected standard. The Member has the right of appeal to the Annual General Meeting of SICA.

Contact the Secretary for further details: