Code of Practice



8th DECEMBER 2013

Members of the Association will conduct ceremonies which reflect the wishes and needs of the client and not the beliefs or ideology of the SICA Member, and will conduct those ceremonies to the highest possible Professional Standards. SICA believes in equality and diversity for all people and the services its members offer will reflect this.

Professional Standards to be adhered to by Members of the Association:


Members will

  1. behave in a respectful, professional manner at all times, eg use appropriate language, in relation to Clients, professional contacts and colleagues.
  2. treat any information given to them by their clients with respect and confidentiality and personally be responsible for adhering to all legal requirements with regard to data protection of clients records and keeping data and information secure.
  3. not pass personal client details or data to third parties without consent of the client.
  4. arrive timeously, which may mean early,  for meetings and ceremonies.
  5. wear appropriate, dignified dress for the ceremony or meeting; subject always to the reasonable requests of the client.
  6. make every effort to meet personally with the client to make the arrangements for the ceremony
  7. treat their client’s wishes as paramount in the developing of any ceremony; subject always to other professional standards
  8. detail costs to the client in full whenever requested
  9. offer the client the opportunity, wherever possible, to amend and approve the ceremony in advance
  10. provide the client with a final copy of the ceremony
  11. make every effort to provide emergency cover should their attendance at a ceremony be compromised
  12. never use access to their clients to promote any interest, ideology or other profession they may have
  13. make every effort to ensure that every aspect of the ceremony is fully organised, e.g. music; liaison with the other Professionals involved in the ceremony is critical.
  14. display a real commitment to continuing professional development.
  15. ensure clients have a written note of the SICA Secretary’s (or Chairman’s) e-mail address for feedback or complaints.
  16. deal with any complaints in a timeous and professional manner and will refer any unresolved issue to the Association’s Standards Committee.

If the Association receives a complaint about a Member or is alerted to a Member who fails to comply with the Code of Practice or brings the Association into disrepute this may ultimately result in withdrawal of membership of the Association, subject to appeal to the Membership at a General Meeting.