Dr Aileen Barclay and Mrs Margaret Taylor

  • Dr Aileen Barclay       and        Mrs Margaret Taylor
  • 15 Buckie Wynd                          Cherrybank
  • Bridge of Don                                Brotherfield
  • Aberdeen                                        Kingswells
  • AB22 8DH                                       Aberdeen
  •                                                              AB15 8SS
  • Tel: 01224 827048                     01224 744191

Mob: 07973562651                   07949283627


Dr Aileen Barclay and Mrs Margaret Taylor are well equipped to conduct celebrations that reflect the unique life and personality of individuals and those closest to them. As former teachers and university lecturers with lifelong interests in people, they aim to create, edit and distill from discussion with clients celebrations that take full account of people’s wishes. Dr Barclay is a Practical Theologian who practises a Christian faith and can conduct fully Christian services if required. Mrs Taylor is an agnostic with no religious or creed conviction, but along with her colleague Dr Barclay, celebrates living and life in all its forms.

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