Losing a loved one is an emotional experience that needs to be faced perhaps only once or twice in a lifetime. Yet at this very moment the family, who may be suffering great distress, must make some important and difficult decisions necessary to arrange the funeral. Our Celebrants do all they can to help at this challenging time.

They will visit with you and your family, to gather information about your loved one’s life and experiences in an empathetic way.  Their beliefs, their character and their qualities will all be discussed so that the Celebrant can create a sensitive,  personal tribute as part of the Service.  Music, poetry and readings can be included in the Service; suggested by the Celebrant or chosen by you and your family.  The whole Service will be emailed or sent to you for approval, so changes or additions can be made well in advance of the funeral.  The Celebrant will lead the ceremony and if any family or friends wish to speak or give a reading then this can all be easily accommodated in the planning of the Service.

All our Celebrants are fully committed to creating ceremonies that reflect the wishes and beliefs of your loved one and your family.  Because our Celebrants are not constrained by any religious or atheist organisation you can have whatever religious or non religious content that you wish.   The location of the Service will be agreed with your preferred Funeral Director and our Celebrants will accommodate whatever you choose – cemetery, crematorium, woodland burial ground, hotel, funeral parlour or perhaps your family home.

People from all walks of life choose to become a Celebrant but all are motivated by a strong desire to help families give the person who has died a good send-off, one that honours, gives thanks for, and celebrates their life.

Most of our Celebrants are introduced to families by the Funeral Director, others are approached directly; either way, all will work closely with you and your family and the funeral director to ensure everything goes to plan.

Our Celebrants will work hard to make sure that the ceremony is unique and exactly what you want and expect.