Baby Naming / Child Welcoming

A Naming Ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate the birth of a new baby; it is an increasingly popular alternative to Baptism or Christening.  Many families feel that it is appropriate to have a special occasion to celebrate the birth of a baby or to celebrate adoptive children and step children becoming part of a new family.

Your Naming or Welcoming Ceremony is completely unique to your family.  It can be as formal or informal as you wish; families may choose poetry, readings, music and songs to personalise the Ceremony, to make the occasion one you will remember and treasure forever.   Other siblings, family and friends may take part in any way you would like.

The day can be used to welcome the child into the family, announce the names that have been chosen for the baby, make promises and commitments to the child and perhaps introduce ‘mentors’; family or friends who would commit to the child or children in place of traditional godparents.  Gifts may be presented; the day can be whatever you and your family wish it to be.  Your Celebrant will help create this special occasion with you, creating a very personal, meaningful welcome for the child into your family.  The Ceremony may contain as much or as little religious content as you feel appropriate.

Ceremonies may be held almost anywhere, your own home, a hotel,  a public hall, a marquee or even the garden.


Note: The Baby Naming ceremony is not a legal process; all births must be registered within 21 days in Scotland at a Registrars Office.