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My name is Cate and I am a TLC Marriage officer and Independent Celebrant
and I absolutely love my job.

I am sympathetic, empathic, affable and I love connecting with people.
and loyal and I have a strong sense of personal values and I like neatness
and order and I prefer a harmonious environment, where each person can be
appreciated for their contribution.

I live my partner Craig and we have a wee Jack Russel dog called Millie and
we enjoy the slower pace of life here in Kingsbarns, Fife. I’m blessed to
live in such a beautiful part of Scotland, however, I never forget my roots
to the West Coast of Scotland (Clydebank), and I often return to my
hometown for work, pleasure and catch up with family and friends.

I am open-minded, curious and insightful and I have an excellent long-range
vision and sensitivity. I am deeply committed whenever I undertake a role
or task and I notice things around me and generally find the deeper
meanings within most situations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about
the service offered – I promise, you won’t be disappointed!!

Cate x

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